Dogs, Cats, & Birds

Doggy Day Care

Long work days this week? Countless errands that need to get done? Why not leave your dog with us for the day! Doggie day care is available for those days when you need us to keep your pet busy and in good company. This daytime socialization helps relieve stress for both you and your pet. We will provide exercise, companionship and fun activities. This way you and your pet can come home at the end of the day ready to unwind. Daycare can also help to familiarize your pet with our staff and our facility to make those future overnight stays a piece of cake (or should we say a piece of steak)! They have plenty of room to play where we have 20,000 sq. ft. of grass to play on.

Doggy “Staycation”

It is important on extended stays, to make your furry pal feel as comfortable as possible.  We encourage you to bring your dog’s favorite items from home including toys, towels, beds, blankets, and food.  These familiar items bring household fragrances and help ease your pet while away from home.

We will provide beds and blankets if you wish to leave yours at home.  Pets can be sensitive to changes in diet though, so it is important they continue with their own food while visiting our pet resort. We want your pal to feel comfortable, so we encourage owners to bring food their pets are already used to eating.

While boarding

While boarding your pet, for any length of stay, your dog will enjoy… Indoor Suites* with the relaxed feel of home.

In-suite individual meal service served just like at home.

Plenty of time to play outside and in the playroom, to release stress and energy.

Pet turf play area, which is excellent for pets with allergies and for staying clean in the rainy weather.

Pets can also enjoy a cool dip in the pool during the summer.

Outdoor Turf

Just in case our 20,000 sq. ft. of play area wasn’t enough… For your dogs enjoyment we have installed another large play area that is covered in beautiful outdoor artificial grass. It is beautifully green year round and is perfect for running and ripping around during playtime.

Feline Friends

Your cat will feel like royalty in our spacious kitty condos! These beautiful condos are receiving rave reviews from cats and “parents” alike. Each cat enjoys their own private condo. If you have more than one cat, these condos are large enough to share! Fur and Feathers will provide beds and litter boxes but as always you are welcome to bring items from home to help make your kitty comfortable. While boarding your furry feline, for any length of stay, they will enjoy… Spacious Kitty Condos with soothing music in the background

In-suite meal service – served just like at home. Loving care from real pet lovers.

Welcome Feathered Friends

Fur and Feathers offer many luxuries for our feathered friends during their stay. For those times when you need the best of care for your feathered friends, we offer lots of roomy cages and special treats! You may be traveling or find it necessary to remove your bird from your home due to remodeling, painting, carpet cleaning, etc. Birds have very delicate systems and this is sometimes necessary.

Exotic Pets

Fur and Feathers is able to care for a number of exotic pets. Owners will need to provide housing cages and bedding for their pets stay. Please call to see if we are able to accommodate your exotic pets.