3329 Allen Road
Bakersfield, California 93314


Luxury Pet Retail

The Fur & Feathers Luxury Pet Boutique offers a luxury retail pet experience dedicated to helping pet owners easily find everything they want, all in one place, for their stylish pets. Our fashionable clothing, accessories, collars & harnesses, novelty toys, and other fabulous dog gifts and goodies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Pet Accessories

For Every Pet

At Fur & Feathers, we are dedicated to offering stylish, highly functional, products for our furry friends. That’s why we carry the latest and greatest pet fashion apparel and accessories for your pet!
• CBD Dog Treats
• Collars and Harnesses
• Toys for all breeds
• Greeting Cards
• Treats

Your Pet’s Second Home

At Fur & Feathers Luxury Pet Resort, we are committed to your pet’s safety, physical and mental health, and overall happiness. We’ve designed the entire resort around giving your pet lots of social interaction, entertainment, safety, exercise, and just plain fun!

Special Pet Needs

At Fur & Feathers Luxury Resort, delivering the right care for your special pet is our number one goal. Our trained staff have years of experience handling all kinds of pets. If you have a pet with special health needs, you can rest easy and know that we are capable, compassionate, and dedicated to making sure your pet feels at home.